Henry Wendt

Henry Wendt is the former CEO and Chairman of SmithKline Beecham, one of the world's largest and most successful corporations. He has an unparalleled track record for fostering and managing corporate growth through mergers and acquisitions, as well as through organic growth and global marketing. In fact, he is generally recognized as the principal architect of the successful merger that created SmithKline Beecham.

In his term as CEO of the pharmaceutical giant, Wendt focused on a “3 point strategy” to help strengthen the business. His strategy consisted of increasing support of SmithKline's best products, such as Tagamet, weeding out less profitable products, and increasing shareholder value. This strategy lead to the successful merger of SmithKline with UK-based Beecham Company. The creation of SmithKline Beecham (SKB), engineered by Wendt and Beecham's chief, created the world's second largest pharmaceutical company in both prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

In addition to his groundbreaking leadership at SmithKline Beecham, Mr. Wendt literally wrote the book on successful strategies for corporate growth in the global marketplace, Global Embrace: Corporate Challenges in a Transnational World, a 'must read' for corporate executives.

Mr. Wendt is the Co-Founder of Healthcare Investment Partners, as well as the Founder of Global Health Care Partners. He is a graduate of Princeton University.


Raymond Kutsunai

Raymond Kutsunai's unique accomplishments and lifetime experiences have enabled him to forge a path that has left his mark on history and international business.

Mr. Kutsunai grew up in pre-statehood Hawaii, the geographical and cultural hub that links North America and Asia . When he was a teenager he was sent to Hiroshima to study Japanese and renew his family and cultural ties. Unfortunately, this was just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. He attended high school in Hiroshima. Unable to return to Hawaii during the war, he attended university in Japan.

Immediately after the war, Mr. Kutsunai was distinctively positioned to assist both the United States and the people of Japan. Upon his homecoming to the United States , Mr. Kutsunai returned to school and completed his university degree at the University of Michigan .

Mr. Kutsunai subsequently rose rapidly through the ranks at SmithKline & French and was named General Manager of SmithKline & French Laboratories Japan. He was able to parlay his business instincts and extensive understanding of the Japanese culture and business environment into stunning successes for the Company's Japanese operations.

As remarkable as Mr. Kutsunai's incredible personal and professional experiences have been, they are exceeded by his loyalty to his family, friends, associates and country.


Joe Cunning, Ph.D.

Dr. Joe Cunning is a leading figure in the textile industry and member of the Textile Institute's governing board, with 45 years of experience in the fibers, textile and apparel industry. He was awarded the Textile Institute's Medal for outstanding contribution to the industry in 2000. In 2010 he was presented with the Textile Institute's Companion Membership award, as one of fifty living persons who have made a significant impact on the textile industry.

Dr. Cunning completed a highly successful 28 year career at DuPont, where he headed the pioneering research laboratory in Wilmington , and was in charge of worldwide research on all fiber types. His manufacturing experience included worldwide responsibility for non-woven products, as well as polyester filament and staple fibers.

In addition to his work on various corporate boards, Dr. Cunning served on the governing boards of the Fiber Society, vice-president of the Textile Institute, the Technical Advisory Committee, and on the board of governors of the Iowa State University Foundation. In 1992, Cunning was named the National Textile Center 's (a research consortium of eight universities) first Executive Director, a post he held for 12 years. Dr. Cunning is also the President of Cunning & Associates, Ltd., a leading textile industry consulting firm.



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