Dilution Rates: A Proud History of Frugality

What are KBLB’s historic dilution rates?

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. first became a fully reporting, publicly traded company in February of 2008. Total corporate dilution of the common stock during the almost seven years of public trading and including the three months (commencing on 10/31/2007) before we were publicly traded, has been only 32%. Only thirty two percent total dilution of the class A common stock over almost seven years of public trading and the immediate lead up to the public listing.

Average dilution has been less than 5% a year as a publicly traded research and development company. During that time the Company has performed intensive technology research and development which has led directly to breakthroughs in biotechnology, including the creation of Monster Silk and other transgenic technology based materials as described in the now famous peer reviewed scientific article published by the National Academy of Sciences. How has the Company maintained such low historic dilution rates while engaging in intensive biotechnology research and development?

These low historic dilution rates are primarily the result of our CEO, Kim Thompson’s, near obsession with corporate frugality. Another important factor is Mr. Thompson’s practice of being picky and persnickety with proposed financiers and with the terms of finance. That combination has historically allowed the Company to grow and develop without incurring undue dilution.

We are proud that our total common stock dilution since October 31, 2007 has been only 32%

last updated 9/17/2015