Research & Development

Managing the Research and Development Process

Kim Thompson Spider Silk

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (Trading Symbol: KBLB) is a publicly traded company focused on the commercialization and further development of our genetically engineered spider silk, which has the potential for significant commercial and military applications.

The Kraig Research Initiative: Working in cooperation with leading university laboratories

Kraig creates efficiency by bringing spider silk related technologies together from diverse research institutions and combining them. This is done under the direction of the company’s management and in cooperation with the leading academic laboratories in our fields of research.

The Kraig Research Initiative is our successful program of working with and funding university scientists and laboratories to create spider silk technologies with significant commercial applications. As a part of this program, we have licensed university intellectual property in the fields of genetics and genetic engineering. The company works in cooperation with leading laboratories to add value to our proprietary technology. The company sponsors and collaborates on research within the universities’ genetic engineering laboratories as a means of employing the greatest minds in our discipline.

Through the Kraig Research Initiative we share our technology with university scientists, and work cooperatively with them to achieve what neither we nor they could reasonably hope to achieve alone. Our work is directly responsible for major breakthroughs in the development of recombinant spider silk.