Letter to Shareholders from Kraig Labs’ CEO Kim Thompson

As many of you may know, our R&D headquarters is located near the center of a storm that saw seven separate tornados touch down on the evening of Thursday, August 24th.   This storm caused significant power outages across the state, with hundreds of thousands of individuals affected and tens of thousands without power for more than three days, including our R&D headquarters.

I am very pleased to report that our team at Kraig Labs was prepared for this storm, immediately implementing our disaster preparedness plan, and was able to maintain all critical operations at our R&D headquarters throughout the storm and its aftermath. 

As a result of our teams’ quick actions, all critical genetic materials and transgenics are secure, and we remain on track to deliver the next generation of production hybrids to our third-party production partner as scheduled.  Our team maintained around-the-clock watch of our facility and our backup power systems throughout the weekend to ensure all critical systems remained online.  

In the coming weeks, we plan to share additional exciting details on the significant progress we’ve made in all core aspects of our business plan, from molecular biology to the status of our manufacturing operations in Vietnam and the coming roll-out of our next-generation recombinant spider silk hybrids. 

From all of us here at Kraig Labs, we wish you and yours a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

   – – –

Kim Thompson, Founder and CEO

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.

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